Insect Collection. Vol. 2.

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Insect Collection. Vol. 2.

Vladimir Timokhanov
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18 Digital scientific illustrations (photorealistic drawings) of High Quality.

For course books and handbooks, scientifical popular magazines and publications, etc.

Perfect for wall art posters, prints, stationery, scrapbooking, invitations, cards, blogs, mood boards, Instagram posts and more.

 What's included:

1. Norfolk damselfly (Coenagrion armatum)

2. Golden-ringed dragonfly (Anotogaster sieboldii)

3. European mantis (Mantis religiosa)

4. Wart-biter (Decticus verrucivorus)

5. Greenhouse camel cricket (Tachycines asynamorus)

6. Scolia hirta

7. Six-banded furrow bee (Halictus sexcinctus)

8.  Empis tesselаtа

9. European lantern fly (Dictyophara europaea)

10. Common scorpionfly (Panorpa communis)

11. Snow scorpionfly (Boreus westwoodi)

12. Raphidia ophiopsis

13. Chrysopa perla

14. Rhynocoris annulatus

15. Giant peacock moth (Saturnia pyri)

16. Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

17. European stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)

18. Spanish fly (Lytta vesicatoria)

  What you receive:

·         18 individual PSD  image files (layered, transparent background, shadows on a separate layer). Digital scientific drawings of high resolution and high image detail (5000 × 5000 px, 300 dpi). Note: Turn on layer visibility in PSD files.

·         18 JPG preview images on gray background (5000 × 5000 px).

·         Species names in English and scientific names in Latin (text document file).

·         License Agreement (PDF file).

Website: https://www.vladimirtimokhanov.com

Other products and books of the author: scienceart.gumroad.com

Happy designing and creativity!

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Insect Collection. Vol. 2. 18 Digital scientific illustrations (photorealistic drawings) of High Quality.

Compatible with:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Other
5000 x 5000 px
18 individual PSD files
300 dpi, Layered
681 MB
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